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The Prince of Christmas. Choose Pansa's Fable

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At the court of sweetness there is great excitement. In the Prince's chambers, enthusiasm is through the roof, the air smells of His favorite scents: cinnamon, citrus, chocolate.  His fine clothes of all hues are already ready: chocolate brown from Madagascar, deep beige from Vesuvius apricots, lemon yellow from Villa Paradiso, hazelnut and gianduia.

Everything is almost ready for the perfect party: you know, Christmas is her favorite event!
So let the fairy tale begin.

It is the fairy tale of Pansa and his Panettone: the prince of Christmas!

It's time to make this sweet magic your own. And it only takes a few clicks to do so. From the royal court of our pastry workshop to your home, on a four-wheeled flying carpet comes the Prince to flood your Christmas table with fairy-tale magic.

Starting today you can order your panettone and holiday desserts online! Artisan preparation will start in a few days to ensure the freshness of all products. Orders will be processed starting November 30 and will be at your door in a few days.

If you have preferences about when your order should arrive, please indicate in the "notes" field on our website the shipping date you would like it delivered.

This Christmas, choose Pansa's Fairy Tale.