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| Panettone

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Lemon Panettone

Our own Panettone flavoured with Amalfitan Villa Paradiso candied lemon peel. Wrapped in hand-made …

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Classic Panettone

Try our version of the classic Panettone, made in limited numbers only for the most demanding palate…

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Panettone with Apricots from Vesuvius

Scent of Campania

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Panettone with Walnuts from Sorrento and Chestnuts

Gourmands from around the world unite

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 Panettone with Madagascar dark chocolate 64%

love at first sight

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Panettone orange and chocolate

A true revelation, great balance of aromas and flavors

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Panettone with White figs and chocolate

Limited edition

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Panettone with Gianduia and Giffoni Hazelnut

A sweet gift for your Christmas

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Christmas 2021

All together with passion