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| "Sweet reasons" to come to Amalfi

A decidedly bizarre way to express a simple concept. In this area of our site we want to celebrate many of our specialties which contributed to give us a winning image in the world, but as they are very delicate, they can not reach your homes. Anyway, they offer you a "sweet" incentive to come and visit our beautiful shop in the heart of sunny Amalfi coast.

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Santa Rosa

The Queen of the Amalfi Coast.

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Lemon Delight

Delight of Pansa Pastry Shop

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Pasticciotto of Atrani

From the enchanting village of Atrani

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Lemon pasticciotto

Tradition and territory

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The President's pastiera

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Santarosa of Monastery


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Legend has it that when Ferdinand of Bourbon tasted for the first time this crispy pastry, prepar…

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A must in Naples

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Rum baba

From Poland, where it was invented by a chef of King Stanislaus Leszczjnski, the baba which today…

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Lobster tail

It belongs to the noble "family" of the sfogliatella, curiously, it is one of the desserts that a…

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Lemon cake

A classic lemon cake made according to a jealously guarded recipe passed down to us by our ancestors…

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The strictly traditional version of a timeless classic

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Chocolate Pasticciotto

the gluttonous variant

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An amalfi viennese

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Chocolate Profitteroles

an act of coherence

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