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Chocolate & Ice Cream


Andrea Pansa's chocolate is a fine example of the strict selection and artisan production process.

The selection of the most prestigious cocoa and the careful production methods, the respect of traditions but also the tendancy to explore unusual and original combinations make Pansa's chocolate bars, chocolates, chocolate spread, candied peels and every other item from the collection unique and prestigious.


Our ice cream is a natural conclusion to our production philosophy: Nonna Adriana's vanilla cream (dedicated to our much loved maternal grandmother) and the lemon  sorbet made exclusively with IGP lemons from the familly business "Villa Paradiso", Bronte DOP pistachios, Giffoni IGP hazlenuts and ricotta "stregata" (ricotta sweetened with icing-sugar)made with the best ingredients by the well-known artisan Paolo Amato.

Our chocolate ice-cream deserves a chapter of its own. Our experience gained in this sector together with the collaboration over the years with Valrhona, enables us to present our public with some of the most prestigious varieties of cocoa such as Macae and Guanaya.  And to conclude the much considered but essential ice-cream counter which enables us to maintain the high level of quality which we offer our customers.