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A sweet history since 1830: Pansa Pastry Shop book presentation in Amalfi on May 11

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"A Sweet History since 1830" this is the title and leitmotif of the book dedicated to the Pansa Pastry Shop, published by Italian Gourmet, a publishing house specializing in Haute Cuisine and Pastry books, which will be presented Saturday, May 11 at 6:30 p.m. inside the Ancient Arsenals of the Republic in Amalfi.

To celebrate our family's honor in making its story of pastry and love public and universal, our website is also dressed up, matching the colors of the book's cover with shades of yellow: yellow of our lemon, yellow of our sunshine, yellow of zest and delight, yellow of Amalfi. 

The work tells the story of the Pansa family, whose pastry history has been intertwined with that of the Amalfi area from the very beginning, when in 1830 the Pansa Pastry Shop opened and Amalfi experienced its moment of maximum splendor, on the wave of the Grand Tour, becoming a destination for the aristocracy of the time, travelers, thinkers, artists and intellectuals.

The magical panorama of the Amalfi Coast includes 6 generations of pastry chefs, whose mission in almost 2 centuries of history has never changed: to bring ever higher the tradition and typical flavors of the Divine Coast, with flair and delicacy, love for the territory, connection with the roots, making the world taste ancient sweets and authentic flavors: from Santarosa to Villa Paradiso's Lemon Scorzette, from Delizia to Zagara Divina, without forgetting the sweets of the holidays.

"In a world that changes at a dizzying pace, where the ephemeral often takes the place of the eternal and the new supplants the old with disturbing ease, that of the Pansa family of Amalfi is a story made of continuity, tradition and craftsmanship," wrote master Iginio Massari in the preface to the work, encapsulating the whole spirit of Pasticceria Pansa.

For all these reasons, next May 11 will not be a simple presentation of the book published by Italian Gourmet, soon to be available also in several bookstores and physical and online outlets, but it will be above all an evening of celebration of the confectionery art and culture of Amalfi, through the typical spirit of the Pansa family.

At the presentation of the work "A Sweet History since 1830" alongside brothers Nicola and Andrea Pansa, there will be journalists Antonella Provetti and Valeria Maffei of Italian Gourmet who will moderate the evening, during which the Mayor of Amalfi, Daniele Milano, the Master of High Pastry Iginio Massari, signer of the book's preface, and Prof. Giuseppe Gargano, director of the Amalfi Culture and History Center, editor of the work's introduction, will speak.

This will be followed by moments of entertainment, jazz music and pastry tasting inside the Ancient Arsenal of the Republic.

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