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Two stars of happiness

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If we had the power to stop time, we probably would have done so on Tuesday, May 21 at 12:30 p.m. at the Marriott Hotel in Milan.

Here, in fact, was written a wonderful page of history of a book that saw the birth of its first paragraphs in 1830 and that leaves the pleasant feeling to its readers that the most exciting and engaging chapters are still to be written.

There are many moments destined to remain forever in the album of memories. There is one in particular, however, that will remain in the history of Pasticceria Pansa. It is the moment when master Iginio Massari interrupted our talk, inviting all our collaborators on stage, accompanied by our mother Carla and our sister Marilla Pansa.

A gesture of great sensitivity and nobility of spirit, in defiance of all protocol. A gesture worthy of the greatest master of all time, the result of a choice made to approve our decision to allow all our collaborators to follow us to Milan.

Because these prestigious goals can only be reached if you have the ability to create a real team. And it is precisely with our team that we are ready to start again, because the World Pastry Stars must be a stimulus to do even better, first of all for ourselves and then to demonstrate to all those involved that we are worthy of this recognition.

And we'll continue to tell you about all these things, better and better, with even more attention to content and quality of images. Because the WPS Communication Award is the recognition of the silent work of another working group that began this journey several years ago and is now reaping the benefits of a planned and far-sighted commitment.

Because, as we've been saying for some years now, it's no longer enough simply to do something, it's necessary to make it known.