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From July 1 starts Pansa at home Tua

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What's coming will be the sweetest July ever. We're finally here: Wednesday, July 1, Pansa will be at your house! The Pasticceria Pansa van will begin to travel the length and breadth of the Amalfi Coast, bringing sweetness from Amalfi to Sorrento, Salerno and Agerola.

We announced it long ago, and now the time has really come.

Discover the details of our new project.
 It was not easy in this context from which we are gradually leaving to finalize the details of this new adventure, but the passion that animates this new project, and that has always distinguished us in our daily work, was the engine that pushed us not to retreat even a millimeter and that today makes us even more proud and excited about this new starting point.

We like to imagine our white van, which we have personalized with the images of Santarosa, as a grand carriage that takes the queen of sfogliatelle through the panoramic curves of the Amalfi Coast and beyond to all the homes of those who desire the sweetness of Pansa.
Now we just have to start the journey. Are you ready for "Pansa at your home"? We'll bring the dessert!

Here are the official routes that will connect Pansa's sweet lovers from Amalfi miles away. 
Wednesday: Amalfi - Tramonti
(Scala - Ravello - Valico di Chiunzi)
Thursday: Amalfi - Agerola (Conca dei Marini - Furore)
Friday: Amalfi - Salerno
(Atrani - Minori - Maiori - Cetara - Vietri sul mare - Salerno)
Saturday: Amalfi - Sorrento
(Praiano - Positano - Piano di Sorrento - Meta - Sorrento)