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We are first in communication for Gambero Rosso

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How much sourdough is needed for effective communication? It may seem strange, but for us this is how the daily routine of our work works. We love to take our customers on a journey through the flavors of our pastry, making them taste the flavors even before they can taste them, revealing the secrets, even the most hidden, of our recipes. Because pastry is love and love is sharing. Every cake made is a reason to smile and share it, every photo that stops a moment of work of our team is part of the album of memories to show to our big virtual family. 
This is why we are so happy to receive the award from Gambero Rosso for the Best Digital Communication in Italy in 2020! A satisfaction that particularly honors us, because it encapsulates the heart of our mission. 
This award has to do with the bond with our customers, with the need to convey the passion that makes us start every day with the same smile and pushes us to overcome difficulties, with the energy with which after two hundred years we think with increasing strength that ours is the most beautiful job in the world.
Thank you, immensely thank you for the stimuli you give us, pushing us to reach higher and higher goals.

With you the best communication is always sweeter!