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Amalfi Lemon and Pasticceria Pansa protagonists of "Paesi e Paesaggi"

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The specialties of Amalfi and the beauty of our land were the protagonists of "Paese e Paesaggi" (Country and Landscapes), the famous Striscia alla Notizia program that explores the most characteristic places in Italy and their specialties.  It was with great joy that we welcomed Davide Rampello to Amalfi, introducing him to the splendor of our splendid town and its deepest essence, which is transmitted through its typical products.  

We showed him the cultivated terraces that face the sun, and especially our yellow gold, which we grow at Villa Paradiso: the Amalfi lemon.

Look at the service of Striscia la Notizia, in which we tell the typical sweets that we get from Amalfi lemons, from candied peels to lemon delight. A work seasoned with passion that has been handed down for 5 generations, never losing the roots to the territory and the culture of tradition, while using modern techniques. 

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