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We are the Pastry Chef of the Year, awarded by Apei

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Those who know us know how excited we are about every new challenge. As pastry chefs and as men we are looking for stimuli, innovation, improvements that allow us to offer sweet sensations always new to our customers. So it was for us the very prestigious inclusion in Apei ((Ambassadors Pastry Chefs of Italian Excellence), born this year, an opportunity that with reverence and enthusiasm we seized by putting all of ourselves since the dawn of this new project. Working alongside a pastry master like Iginio Massari is not only an honor, but also a responsibility for us, for our history, and for our family.

Given all these feelings that move us you can imagine how immense our excitement was to receive the announcement that we will be awarded the "Pastry Chef of the Year" award in early 2023 at Sigep, by Apei itself.

The news came to us at the conclusion of the seminar organized in Brescia in which we took part, a two-day discussion in which we discussed the new frontiers of pastry, and charged up for all the new challenges that await us. 

Thanks to all of you who have always and increasingly rewarded us.
Thank you to our team.
Thank you to our family.

This is just the beginning!