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Regina Madre, the secret of Pansa on your Easter table

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At the center of every story is a pillar, a driving force that moves every detail near and far, the essence that gives rhythm to the narrative.
In the case of Pasticceria Pansa all this is encapsulated in two words: Regina Madre.
Our whole world revolves around the values, feelings, energy that she and she alone is able to transmit, to whom we bow as to a queen. 
We are talking about our mother, soul of the pastry shop and of the family, in a thread that binds us from the table at home, to the laboratory counter to the pastry shop counter, without losing intensity. 
We are talking about mother yeast, the ingredient that reigns in our laboratory and around which all artisan pastry takes substance. It is alive, it is vital, it moves and gives shape to our daily creations, starting with the Colombe whose preparation begins in spring.
We are still talking about another queen, which with its sweet scent of citrus makes everyone bow before it: the pastiera, mother cake of all the traditions of Easter festivities.
This is how the sweetest of stories takes shape, in which our identity as children, as confectioners, as specialists in taste become one to give you the best artisan confectionery creations. Even at Easter.
Wheat, shortcrust pastry, citrus fruits, candied fruit, all contribute to make the Queen Mother, the pastiera, dressed in gold, intoxicate your table, together with the Colombe and the other festive sweets.  
We are ready to delight you, as heart and taste command. All you have to do is bow down to tradition and say yes to the queens of the Easter holidays. 
Book your Easter products starting from 10th March, and orders will be processed beginning March 28.

If you have preferences for the arrival date of your order and to have the freshest possible dessert on the table, you can indicate in the "notes" the shipping date you prefer.