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Panettone with Walnuts from Sorrento and Chestnuts


Gourmands from all over the world unite and enjoy such delight! The walnuts of Sorrento to protect our generous territory, the chestnuts to embellish a panettone that most is perceived as a sweet to be kept and exhibited especially in the evenings of celebration to live in the family. Our handcrafted panettone cakes are all made through the process of natural leavening (sourdough).

Ingredients00 flour, chestnuts, butter, egg yolks, Sorrento walnuts, sugar, sourdough, water, Madagascar vanilla bean, artisanal sea salt from Trapani.

Allergens highlighted.

Conservation time: 40 days from the production date. It is advisable to consume it as soon as possible to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of a natural product.

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